Projects With Pride

Projects with Pride Awards Celebration Evening

Our annual recognition awards is now in its 6th year, and reflects our ongoing commitment to recognising and celebrating the achievements and talent of young people, volunteers and staff at all levels within our network of members across Newcastle, North Tyneside and Northumberland.

Our five very brave young compares Will Warrington, Emily Jardine, Paige Bertram, Liza Girdlestone and Callum Murphy, from the NE Youth – Youth Board welcomed guests at the Marriott Hotel, Gosforth Park on Wednesday 7th June. They showed real courage to undertake the role, especially in front of over 250 people.

Congratulations to all the amazing award winners (below) and finalists from across our member network, without whom the awards night would not be possible. Well done everyone.


Thank you

We would like to thank everyone for attending the evening, with a special thanks to all our 36 nominees, award winners and our three inspirational guest speakers, Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS) CEO Georgia Evans and Domestic Abuse Coordinator Maggie Martin and our new young ambassador Channy Thompson who motivated everyone with a very heart-warming speech about her journey and her new role with NE Youth.

Our Young Performers  

As well as the awards we also had some outstanding performances from some very talented young people from across our network during the evening. We had some fantastic street hip hop solo dance performances by members Bad Apples North East Ashton Winstanley and Abbie Riley, as well as a group performance from B.O.B. who rounded the evening off getting everyone on their feet.

We also had live music from girl band Melody 5, Britain’s Got Talent Jamie Lee Harrison and our new Ambassador Channy Thompson who each wowed the audience with their performances.

We also had some very special performances by members The Phoenix Detached Youth Project – My Beautiful Heart Project: Organs Fight Back getting the guests engaged with their drama performance, as well as a moving performing arts performance by Ellie and Sophie, performing ‘Cut Deep’.

Our Supporters and Sponsors

A further special thanks also goes to our main supporter of the event Utility Support Solutions (USS) and the award presenters and sponsors Newcastle United Foundation, The Key, Caspian Turkish Restaurant, The Marriott Hotel, Newcastle College, Street Games, JJN Solutions and Metro Radio Arena.

The event itself saw a great atmosphere amongst nominees and guests. Twitter and Facebook was also abuzz with tweets/posts, and we featured on Made in Tyne and Wears News Bulletin (click to view).  Some comments and feedback we received were –

“Absolutely fantastic night. So inspiring to see and hear so many brilliant achievements of young people from the region. #ProjectsWithPride”  The Key– Twitter


“Well done NEYOUTH. Fantastic event . Best ever event. Proud to be associated with #ProjectsWithPride”   Silx Youth Project – Twitter


“Thank you so much NE Youth for a wonderful evening its fantastic to be part of you and seeing all the great projects and how well they do an most importantly the difference we all make in the lives of young people! We all had a great time and had a great laugh was lovely thank you #projectswithpride #weloveNEYouth”   Buffalo Youth Projects – Facebook

NE Youth would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us during the last 12 months. Funders, sponsors, individuals, partner agencies, and business have been a true source of support and inspiration. This support provides us with real motivation to tackle the challenges that we are faced with on a day to day basis, and as we plan for change in the future. We are very fortunate to have you on our side and we respect your trust and support.

Thank you and well done again, you all helped to make the evening a success!

From all of us at

The NE Youth Team


Award Nominees and Winner

Volunteer of the Year Award WinnerShannon Burns (Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services)


· Keith Errington (FAR Community Centre)

· Jess Harris (Tyne Amateur Rowing Club)

· Thomas Jackson (Tyne Amateur Rowing Club)

· Michelle Moore (Prometheus Foundation CIC)

Young Volunteer of the Year Award Joint Winners

-Georgia Arrowsmith (Silx Youth Project)

-Francesca Wilkinson (Cowpen Quay Community Association)


· Jordan Athey (FAR Community Centre)

· Jamie Maughan )East End Youth and Community Centre)

· Marley Sheldon (Isabella Youth Project)

Young Achiever of the Year Award



Winner – Chelsea Burgess (Isabella Youth Project)


· Emma Burgess (Phoenix Detached Youth Project)

· Amber-Jade Faircloth (Cowpen Quay     Community Association)

· Tiegane Ferrey (Bad Apples North East CIC)

· Jamie Moore (Bad Apples North East CIC)

· Erin Moscrop (Tyne Amateur Rowing Club)

Partnership of the Year Award Winner – Northumberland Domestic Abuse Service (NDAS)and RAW Productions


·Jigsaw Northumberland—Bad Apples North East CIC

· Young Persons Guide to Survival—Silx Youth Project

Youth Worker of the Year Winner –  Luke Johnston (Phoenix Detached Youth Project)


Sports, Leisure & Culture  of the Year Award Winner – Silx Youth Project and Wellbeing Project


· East End Youth & Community Centre/Emulous Kickboxing—Ross Gladwin

· Tyne Amateur Rowing Club

· Bad Apples Dance and Performance Academy Blyth—Bad Apples North East CIC

Social Action of the Year Award Winner – Youthwise – Streetwise


· Garden Project – Brunswick Youth Group

· Intergenerational Project – Throckley Youth Project

· Silx Youth Festival – Silx Youth Project

· Summer Blast 2016 – Streetwise

Small Project of the Year Award Winner – Blaydon Inclusive Group (Blaydon Youth and Community Centre)


· Silx Employment Project (Silx Youth Project)

Large Project of the Year Award Winner – Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS) SOS Group


· Silx Youth Project

National Vimpsired Awards V100

· Paige Bertram (V100)

· Emily Jardine (V100)

· Reece Hubbard (V100)


· Jaynie Hurst (V10)

· Jessica Oliver (V10)

· Mason Mills (V10)

· Megan Routledge (V10)

· Kyla Blackburn (V10)

· Libby Duggan (V10)

Ambition Quality Awards · Isabella Youth Project (Silver)

· NDAS (First Steps)

· Prometheus Foundation (First Steps)

National Keystone Awards · Anne Sarsfield (Murray House Community & Recreation Centre)

· Lynne Wharton (Murray House Community & Recreation Centre)

· Sheila Howe (Murray House Community & Recreation Centre)



All the pictures from the event can be found over on our Facebook page!

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