NE Youth Core Staff Team


Operations, Finance and Administration Team

Jon Niblo Chief Executive
Gemma Lockyer Turnbull Head of Operations
Campbell Grant Finance Manager
Steven Irvine-Duffy Business Development Manager
Wendy Taylor-Dodd Operations & Corporate Support Officer
Olivia Pringle Business Administration Apprentice

Membership, Programme and Communications Team

Louise Laws Development Manager

Youth Work Delivery Team

Caroline Evans Youth Work Manager
Lindsay Maudling Youth Development Worker
Clive Nembhard Youth Development Worker
Phillipa Compson  Youth Development Worker
Josh Robson Sport & Health Apprentice
Jamie Foster Youth Work Apprentice
Hollie Rose Youth Work Apprentice
Clare Morrow Youth Worker
Sarah Purves Youth Worker
Sky Dickenson Youth Worker
Rebecca Farrage         Youth Worker
Andy Render        Youth Worker
Holly O’Neil Youth Worker
Chandi Handa Youth Worker
Peter Gleeson Youth Worker
Sara Hawthorn Youth Worker
Haley Tams Youth Worker
Courtney Ramond Youth Worker
Bruce Robertson        Youth Worker
Paul Parker          Youth Worker
Liza Girdlestone        Youth Worker
Jan Gurkin               Youth Worker
Chris Mann         Youth Worker
Shamara Millican     Youth Worker

Board of Directors

Fiona Lee-Millais (Chair) John Dickinson (Treasurer)   
Nathan Rodgerson Wendy Gill                  
Tony Haliwell David Bawn                 
Jamie Spence Jayne Hart             
David Lovenbury Abi Lunn
Martin Cave




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