Domestic Abuse Training

18th September (6pm-9pm) – General Awareness of Domestic Abuse and the impact it has on young people

*Due to high demand the above session of the Domestic Abuse Awareness Workshop will be repeated*

*If you haven’t attended any of our previous Domestic Violence Workshops you must attend the one above to sign up for the final session*

16th October (6pm-9pm) – Domestic Violence – Putting it all together practical / resource workshop

Venue – Church of the Nazarene

Cost – FREE to NE Youth Members / £10:00 to Non-Members

Facilitator – Maggie Martin (Northumberland Domestic Violence Service – NDAS)

Course Content:

  • Understand what constitutes domestic abuse and recognising the different types of domestic abuse
  • Understand how an abusing relationship develops and why it can be hard to leave
  • Recognise the impact and effectively support children and young people who are experiencing, fleeing or surviving domestic abuse
  • Domestic Abuse within adolescent relationships
  • Empower Children and Young People to value healthy, positive relationships
  • Reduce isolation for children and young people experiencing, fleeing or surviving domestic abuse
  • Confidently deliver issue based work with children and young people with free session planning and resources
  • Understand that abuse in adolescent relationships is not rare and can be very serious, with some experiencing lethal levels of violence
  • Understand how the needs of young people are different to those of adult victims

Feedback from recent participants:

“Very informative about subject really good. Raising issues like homosexual domestic abuse.”

“Excellent group discussions”

“I learnt a lot about abusive relationships”

“The activities were well related to ensure the topic was covered and understood”


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