UK Youth Achievement Awards – Available to NE Youth Members


We’re very excited to share with our members the launch of the new and improved UK Youth Achievement Awards (UKYAAs) to provide an accredited, flexible award framework to celebrate the achievements of all young people.

Every year thousands of young people across the country take part in the UKYAAs. Unlike most other awards, the UKYAAs champion a variety of learning methods to provide a unique framework that can be tailored to almost any activity, helping to engage a range of young people.

The process is ‘Plan, Do, Review’ which encourages self and peer reflection, developing core skills essential to supporting learning in other contexts. They are accredited by ASDAN, offer five levels. Young people can work their way up or enter at the most relevant point:

Challenge – entry level introduction to the UKYAAs

Bronze – taking part and getting involved

Silver – helping to organise

Gold – planning and leading

Platinum – taking a full leadership role, with an element of training

Each level of the award connects to a different point on the UK Youth Social Development Journey and represents different levels of participation. Through the UKYAAs, young people will gain vital life skills and become motivated, self-aware, receptive, resilient, responsible, confident and good communicators.

The UK Youth Achievement Awards are available across the UK and use ASDAN as a customised accreditation. They are delivered by UK Youth, and across the rest of the UK by our nation partners, NE Youth being one of them for the North East Region.  

All organisations working with young people across our region and members of NE Youth can sign up to the UK Youth Achievement Awards and receive accredited recognition for the achievements of their young people

To find out more and sign up, simply email

NE Youth Member Network Volunteer of the Month

If you are working with an outstanding volunteer then please do nominate them.  Every month one awardee wins the Volunteer of the Month Award and their fantastic voluntary work is showcased online through social media and our e-newsletter and website. Anyone can nominate, whether you’re someone who works with and/or manages a volunteer, or a friend or family member. This Award is open to all volunteers (aged 11+) who are involved at your club/organisation and are members of NE Youth.

National Vinspired Award

This is a national award for young people aged 14+ to recognise volunteering hours from V10, V30, V50 V100 hours.  NE Youth are proud to be Regional Award Providers for Vinspired and are supporters of this Award.  

All young people need to do is create a vInspired account: and start logging their volunteering hours until they have clocked up enough hours to apply for an award.  We will provide you with certificates to give to your volunteers.

Please contact Louise for further information on or 0191 4990571

Volunteer Opportunities

vInspired also hosts thousands of volunteering opportunities on for 14-25 year olds;


V50 Awards from our 2018 Projects with Pride       V100 Awards from our 2018 Projects with Pride


National Keystone Awards

This awards is a recognition of voluntary service for NE Youth Members offering outstanding service ranging from;

BRONZE-10 YEARS      SILVER-20 YEARS         GOLD-30 YEARS          PLATINUM – 40 YEARS            PRESIDENT’S – 50 YEARS



Keystone Sliver Award from our 2018 Projects with Pride                   Keystone Gold Award from our 2018 Projects with Pride


                                                                      International Women's Day | Seren
To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, NE Youth will be Awarding six amazing women and we want to hear from you who you think should win!
Voting is open now – the closing date is 25th February 2021 . This is about celebrating and recognising the achievements and talents of women over the previous year. We would like you to nominate the women who have gone above and beyond to change the lives of other women and girls in their communities. 2020 tested all of us but we firmly believe that it was us women that held the majority of it together – and that’s most defiantly something to shout about!

Nominees & Winners

Mega Mum
Claire Girdlestone
Nicola Chaplin
Nikki Niblo
Michelle Walker smith
Katie Singh Chahal
Jean Mosley
Samantha Gilmaney
Heather Carr

Jean Mosley is the winner of the category as she does so much for others, both young and old and expects nothing in return. She has a very big heart and is always giving to others, whether it be with cooking, knitting or organising fundraising and she achieves all of this while being a Mega Mum too!


Fabulous Friend

Michelle Walker-Smith

Katie Singh Chahal

Sam Gilmaney

Alison Patison

Dee MacDonald

Maxine Hymer


Michelle Walker-Smith is the winner of this category and so many people showered praise on her – Selfless, always there for her friends, inspirational, supportive, compassionate, approachable, sensitive and empathetic. As one friend put it ‘Everyone would feel better if they had their own Michelle!’


Talented Teacher

Sam Gilmaney
Katie Singh Chahal


Sam Gilmaney is the winner of this award as she has been described as inspirational by her students. They say that her passion is infectious, rubbing off on them, which makes her a remarkable teacher.


Outstanding Key Worker


Donna Swan

Catherine Tetley

Sara Hardeland

Dawn McKenner


Donna Swan is the winner of this category and deserves both thanks and recognition for her hard work and dedication. Despite her own battle with Cancer, she has put others needs before her own and has made such a difference to others, especially during lockdown. She has been described as a lifeline to many families.


Everyday Hero

Fareeha Usman

Michelle Walker-Smith

Emily Burns

Annabel Burns

Katie Singh Chahal

Caroline Ball

Sam Gilmaney

Emma-claude Phillips-blair

Leanne Rogan

Donna Swan

Cath Tucker

Emma Thompson

Rachael Gibson

Caroline Afolabi-Deleu

Donna Swan

Helen Morrell


Annabel Burns is the winner of this award because everyone says she is warm, caring and compassionate, spreading love and support to those in her community. She goes out of her way to help others and has done a huge amount, especially during lockdown, for those in need. As a NHS volunteer responder she has clocked up more than 1,500 hours which is amazing!


Inspiring Young Female

Katie Singh Chahal

Michelle Walker smith

Tamara Straker

Kayla Ford

Grace McNulty

Andie Dunn

Chloe Eales


Grace McNulty is the winner of this award as she has shown amazing strength and courage to overcome difficulties, well beyond her age. She has huge empathy for others, both young and old and makes a positive impact with all she does.


Outstanding Woman of the Year

Jo Shallcross