NE Youth is one of the North East’s leading youth development charity’s supporting organisations and young people in the region. Our vision is to make sure all young people have the opportunities they deserve, to get involved in their communities, enjoy their lives, and achieve their potential. We do this by providing a high-quality youth offer across the region through our own direct youth work services and by working with and supporting our member network of organisations all working with children and young people.


Our membership offer is constantly evolving to meet the diverse needs of our members and young people. We are inspired by our members and the grassroots work they deliver which, in turn, shapes our work and makes NE Youth who we are. Membership is open to all organisations/sectors working with children and young people throughout the North East.


NE Youth can offer information, advice, support, funding, resources, development and networking opportunities, training, activities, events and programmes to add value and complement your work with young people, staff and volunteers of the highest quality.  


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