Resource Pool

Member Resource Pool


The NE Youth Resource Pool is an invaluable service available to all NE Youth members (at a significantly reduced rate), as well as the wider sector.

As a member you can take advantage of promoting your own organisation’s resources, as well as hiring external resources at a reduced rate.

The resource list is not exhaustive and includes the hiring of sports/activities equipment, specialised facilities, bespoke training sessions, fundraising support and the provision of business administrative services; such as Payroll and photocopying service, to name but a few.


How does it Work?

The list of resources is available via the member area of the NE Youth website for organisations to view, with all initial enquiries sent through to NE Youth via a simple form. NE Youth will verify all

requests before sending on to the relevant organisation for their action/responsibility.



As a member you can benefit greatly from this provision, through increased revenue, wider PR and marketing, as well as building new partnerships. As well as the hiring of external resources at a reduced cost.


Member Feedback

“I LOVE this idea! I think it is fantastic, and I am a real advocate of pooling resources”



Please click the link below to be directed to an up to date resource pool.