Key Messages

  • NE Youth is the North East’s leading youth development charity, supporting young people and youth organisations in the communities where they live, learn and work.
  • Our work with young people, and history of practical support for youth clubs and services, make up a vibrant blend of activity, support and development that reflect the needs of young people in the North East, and gives them hope for the future.
  • NE Youth is the leading development hub for youth organisations in the North East, offering them support and guidance to improve services for young people in their own communities.
  • We draw directly on our work and relationships with young people to enable providers in delivering quality youth programmes, activities and support.


Our Services to Members and the Sector

NE Youth offers youth clubs and organisations a range of services to help them strengthen support for young people in the North East:-

  • Advice and guidance – to help you run your organisation efficiently, from generating income to managing staff and volunteers
  • Routes to Quality Assurance – access to Ambition Quality, good practice guidelines and relevant training
  • Training and Development – for staff and volunteers and the young people you work with
  • Strategic insight – from planning and bid writing to forging partnerships and collaborations
  • Connections and networks – a ‘joined up’ youth sector with links to local decision-makers, partners and funders
  • A vibrant youth offer – our own youth activities, development and support that you can tap into or learn from
  • Resource bank – tools and templates to help make life easier


Our 2018 Direct Programmes with Young People

  • Dallaglio Rugby Works (Year 6) Delivering in 4 PRU Schools
  • Skills for Adolescence (Lions Quest Programme)
  • Core membership Programme of Activities, Training and Events
  • Open Access Universal Youth Work Programme
  • Young in Wallsend
  • Starbucks Youth Action Employability Programme
  • Youth Forum
  • Sports Ambassadors Programme
  • Generation Code
  • Digi Know
  • UPS Road Code
  • Money for Life
  • Creators for Change Programme
  • Members Heritage Programme
  • Leadership / Development Programme
  • Duke Of Edinburgh


  • 655 individual young people have participated in our Direct Youth Work programmes over the last 12 months
  • 82% of young people surveyed said they feel more part of their community
  • 97% said they feel better able to keep themselves safe
  • 90% said they feel they are better able to learn from their mistakes
  • 91% said they feel more aware of the feelings of others
  • 88% said they know more about what they are good at
  • 97% said they are more likely to value people who are different to them
  • 87% said they feel better able to deal with setbacks
  • 84% said they had tried new things
  • 83% said they feel better at compromise and negotiation
  • 88% said they are better able to deal with their feelings and emotions
  • 85% said they feel better prepared for employment and further education
  • 98% said they feel supported by their youth workers
  • 98% said they feel their youth sessions are an enjoyable place to go



Quotes From Young People

“I think I learnt a lot and I enjoy the youth sessions and meeting new people.”

“I really enjoy coming because the staff are always easy to talk to, and I can always go and see them when I am unsure about how to deal
with problems.”

“It’s a place to go and do new things.”

“You can talk to the staff about anything; we have a good relationship but know not to overstep the mark”