YOUTH ACTION Employability Programme Participant Blog

One of the participants from our last YOUTH ACTION Employability Programme wrote a blog about her experience.  Following the programme, this participant attended an interview with Starbucks and was invited to take part in an ‘on job experience day’, working in a local store, and was subsequently offered a job in her local store.


My experience of the YOUTH ACTION employability programme in Partnership with UK Youth and Starbucks

“I had heard about the employability programme through NCS as at the time I was doing my last week of NCS and I didn’t have any plans as to what to do after NCS but I did know I wanted a job. So, I decided to do the employability programme as it would allow me to gain the extra skills and knowledge I needed to go into finding a job and on top of that I could get an interview with Starbucks!

In the beginning of the first day we done a few icebreakers that helped to ease the atmosphere as I was surrounded by new people I had never met before and I didn’t have my friends to turn around to. This also helped a lot because I was able to get out my comfort zone and improve on my communication and people skills. As the day went on we completed tasks that were related to planning our short and long term goals which was incredibly helpful as I was able to think and organise what my plan actually was and what I wanted to achieve in the present and future which I had never thoroughly done before.

On the second and third day, we had done money and career related skills that really helped because it helped me to see the skills I could have worked on and the skills I already had. I discovered a whole lot of skills I hadn’t even realised were skills that employers looked for. I also found it really helpful the fact that Erin and Louise done everything they could to help me through all them days with any questions or concerns I may have had as they were really supportive. On the Wednesday morning which was the third day of the programme as team roles needed for the community café were assigned and we started planning how we wanted the café to run. In the afternoon we had the great opportunity to do a networking event in which we were able to talk to and find out about many different businesses around the local area. Lastly, on the fourth day the café was set up and we successfully raised £100 which was amazing!

Overall, doing the programme was really beneficial as I was able to gain lots of new skills and knowledge about how to achieve my goals in the future. I learned communication, leadership, teamwork, action planning, decision making and many other useful skills!! I would 100% recommend the programme! “


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