At NE Youth, we believe in nurturing the potential of every young person, and that includes providing opportunities for girls and young women to experience moments of joy, self-discovery and empowerment.

On Friday the 18th August 2023, NE Youth had the privilege of hosting our Girls Wellbeing Event at the picturesque Land of Oak and Iron in Winlaton. With over 30 young people attending, this event was a celebration of girlhood, self-care and friendship.

A Day Filled with Laughter and Empowerment

NE Youth’s Youth Work and Programmes team organised a variety of activities designed to create an environment where girls could explore, learn and, most importantly, be themselves. From the moment they stepped into the venue, the girls were treated to an array of engaging and enriching experiences.

As laughter filled the air, mocktails flowed and the aroma of delicious pizza and cupcakes wafted through the venue, it was evident that this was a fun-filled evening. The girls had the opportunity to try various creative activities, including pottery making, perfume crafting, glitter face painting, badge making and salt art. These hands-on activities not only fostered their artistic expressions but also gave them a chance to explore new talents and passions.

Supporters that Make Dreams Possible

Our Girls Wellbeing Event was not only a reflection of NE Youth’s commitment to the wellbeing of young women, but it was also a testimony to the power of collaboration and support. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our supporters who made this event possible through their generous contributions at our International Women’s Day events on the 8th March. Special mentions go to our event sponsors Arian EMS and David Gray Solicitors, whose advocacy and support for young women in the North East has paved the way for this incredible day of empowerment.

What the Girls Had to Say

The true measure of an event’s success lies in the words of those who experienced it first-hand. Below are some heart-warming quotes from the young people who attended:

  • ‘Everyone has been so friendly and the activities were really relaxing and fun. The location, staff, music, food and activities were great!’
  • ‘The amount of activities and laughter, joy and the staff are great’
  • ‘I liked the pottery because it got your hands dirty and it was fun’
  • ‘It was very sociable, pizza was good. I had fun and enjoyed myself’
  • ‘It’s really fun and I always spend my summer at home so this was really amazing. Thank you’
  • ‘Meeting new people. Laughing with new people. Helping me come out of my comfort zone’

These voices capture the essence of what the Girls Wellbeing Event was all about – a safe space to grow, connect, and celebrate the spirit of girlhood.

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