Odysseus Mentoring Project

NE Youth have now proudly welcomed Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (NCAC) to its portfolio of services – further strengthening its offer and support to young people across the region.

About the Project

The Odysseus Mentoring Project (OMP), OMP+, and Crime Awareness Education are dedicated to empowering children, young people and families facing various challenges, particularly those at risk of involvement in criminal activities. Our aim is to steer young people away from offending and contribute to a safer community. We bridge the gap between statutory services, youth and families, and are among the few organisations in the region offering volunteer mentoring services and long-term interventions for young offenders and those vulnerable to criminal behaviour.

Our mentoring initiatives provide direct support to young people on the brink of offending or re-offending, as well as those currently serving custodial sentences. Our dedicated staff and trained volunteers offer mentoring and preventive support. We work tirelessly with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them understand their behaviour, identify their strengths, boost their self-esteem, confront challenges, rebuild familial bonds and make positive life choices. Through informal education, guidance and positive encouragement, we empower our young people to develop the confidence to forge a brighter path for themselves, thus transforming their lives.

We are excited to announce that we will soon be accepting referrals from our partners for new young people in our mentoring programs. Please contact heather@neyouth.org.uk to register your interest or for more information.


Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (NCAC)

NCAC were an award winning charity established for over 30 years, as a partnership with community, voluntary and statutory sectors, and with business with the aim of ‘Working with Children, Young People and Businesses to prevent and reduce crime, anti-social and unacceptable behaviour’.

NCAC had an excellent track record of providing an effective asset-based and young people-focused approach to preventing crime. However, like many small charities, they were finding the changing landscape for small charities increasingly challenging.

6 staff and more than 30 volunteers from NCAC have joined the NE Youth team, bringing its unique youth and community programme to NE Youth’s already established youth offer. This will help build on an established network of volunteers, statutory, voluntary and youth organisations and will support even more young people to reach their fullest potential.