How young people can get involved

We want you to feel heard and valued, and support you to shape the services and activities you want to take part in.

Youth Workers

Why Get Involved

Find out what's on in your area

Ever wondered what there is to do within your hometown and the surrounding areas? We’ve got insider knowledge, and a calendar jampacked with events.

Why Get Involved

Experience new opportunities in a safe space

Want to learn or do something new? Take part in a whole range of activities, where you get to decide what we do.

Why Get Involved

Have a positive impact on your community

Is there something you’d like to change within your community? We help you voice your ideas and make change through social action projects.

Why Get Involved

Connect with others and have fun

We provide a safe space where you can be yourself, connect with others, and most importantly have fun.

How We Do It

Youth Sessions

Regular sessions and activities, chosen by young people. Sessions cover a whole range of topics including drug and alcohol awareness, sexual health and money management. Activities include arts and crafts, sports events and cooking.

How We Do It

Days Out and Trips

Take part in days out and residential trips. These events cater for a whole range of interests and are based around your requests. Past trips have included trampoline parks, climbing and bowling.

How We Do It

Active Community Engagement

We are often out and about in your local community, listening to what young people want and sharing information on our activities and events.

“Doing the First Aid session in the employability session was absolutely amazing, I learned so much, and love how I get the chance to do these things. Thank you for supporting me to come here, I have loved every minute”


“When I first started I felt anxious because the other people were older than me and I didn’t know how we would get on but now because of the youth club I feel more confident and I have made loads of friends”.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do your activities cost?

    We fund all activities so there’s no cost to those who attend. We do encourage young people to create fundraisers and support them in setting them up, so they can raise funds toward their activities and additional funds for future events.

  • Do I need to attend every week?

    We understand you may have particularly busy periods with school, college or work priorities so there is no requirement to attend sessions every week. Most people will find our sessions a great way to have fun with friends and break up the week so do come as often as they can.

  • What if I don’t know anyone there?

    Many of the people who attend our sessions don’t know the other people there on the first day, but fear not there will be youth workers on hand to support you to become involved with the wider group and ensure you make new friends.

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