NE Youth, a leading and award-winning charity that supports almost 2,500 young people every year, has welcomed Northumbria Coalition Against Crime (NCAC) to its portfolio of services – further strengthening its offer and support to young people across the region.

Supporting young people for more than  85 years and employing almost 20 people, NE Youth’s mission is to provide a high quality, diverse and positive youth offer, both directly and through a network of community and youth organisations. NCAC was one of the only organisations in Northumbria delivering volunteer mentoring services that provide long-term interventions for young people who have offended, or who are at risk of offending.

Six staff and more than 30 volunteers from NCAC will join the NE Youth team, bringing its unique youth and community programme to NE Youth’s already established youth offer. This will help build on their growing network of volunteers, statutory, voluntary and youth organisations and will support even more young people to achieve their potential.

NE Youth runs a number of different youth programmes, including the Happy and Healthy Social Action Grants, the 5 Steps Employability Programme and currently delivers 7 youth groups per week in communities in Newcastle and Gateshead. The charity also hosts the special award ceremony Projects with Pride, which is now in its 12th year, to celebrate the achievements of Young People, Youth Projects and Youth Workers across the North East.

Covering 12 local authority areas, NE Youth has just released its 2022/23 Annual Report highlighting the impact the charity has made to the lives of young people across the North East of England over the past year. 2,384 young people were supported, and over 90,000 young people engaged indirectly though NE Youth’s offer of support to youth, community and sports organisations within its Membership network.

NCAC was established more than 30 years ago as a partnership with the community, businesses and both voluntary and statutory sectors.  The organisation currently works with more than 500 children and young people every year, educating them on the impact of crime to help them change behaviours and to make better-informed life choices. Its youth and community programmes seek to support those at risk of engaging in crime, to prevent young people from offending and to recognise and reach their fullest potential.

Jon Niblo, Chief Executive, NE Youth said:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome the NCAC team to NE Youth, their unique diverse service will add so much value to our work and efforts to make a positive difference to the lives of thousands of young people in our region.

“By coming together, we will strengthen our offer, attract more opportunities, and ensure young people get the support they need.  This is such a positive story for NE Youth, expanding our teams and offer across the whole region. By collaborating we are strengthening our offer – not only to young people but to funders and statutory organisations. A strategic move that will help attract new opportunities, grow our teams and great a sustainable future for both charities and the people and communities they support.”

Heather Armstrong, Head of Youth and Community Programmes at NCAC said:

“NCAC is a well-established charity that has helped to change the lives of some of the most disadvantaged and hard to reach young people in the region through crime diversion programmes for more than 30 years.  As the landscape for small charities has changed and continues to be increasingly challenging, now is a brilliant time for us to merge with NE Youth; to not only sustain our vital work but to grow and develop and offer our unique support to more children, young people and families as well as offer greater opportunities and development for our dedicated and talented staff and volunteers.” 

Sheila Proudlock, Chair of the Board at NCAC said:

“Small charities have found the last few years particularly challenging. I am confident that by joining with NE Youth, an organisation which shares the same values and dedication, our intensive mentoring programmes will be sustained and developed. This is a positive step forward for youth services in the region, shining a light on both charities and collaborating to create efficiencies and strengthen the much-needed services they offer.”

Martin Cave, Chair of the Board at NE Youth said:

“As Chair of the NE Youth board, we collectively and unanimously decided to welcome NCAC to NE Youth. This hasn’t been a quick process undertaking due diligence ensuring this was the right fit for both parties and the young people we support.  Our culture and values are closely aligned and together we will champion positive change within our communities and support young people to have the future they deserve.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone that has been involved in making this merger happen, it will help deliver even more impactful work in communities across the whole region.”