The North East Youth Alliance, of which NE Youth are co-founders of, has secured an incredible £194,327 grant from the National Lottery Community Fund. This grant will support the ambitious developmental work supporting young people across County Durham.

The Durham Youth Network was initially formed by Sported during the pandemic with the purpose of providing a valuable support network for providers across County Durham.

Youth and community organisations in the County face many challenges, including insecure funding, service closures, staffing challenges and increased barriers for the young people accessing services. These barriers include poor employment opportunities, mental health and loneliness. This all has a detrimental impact on the personal development of young people residing in County Durham as well as the sustainability and pride of place within communities.

YouthPrint Durham is a visionary initiative aimed at creating a network of support, learning and opportunity for the young people of County Durham. It revolves around five key areas within the county: Durham City, East Durham, North Durham, Mid Durham, and The Dales. With the incredible funding provided by the National Lottery Community Fund, we are set to take YouthPrint Durham to new heights.

The significance of this funding is huge. It enables us to continue and expand the vital work we do to benefit young people in County Durham for 2 years. With the financial support of the National Lottery, NE Youth through the North East Youth Alliance can:

  • Enhance Youth Services: This grant will strengthen capacity to deliver essential youth services in the County. These services include mentoring, skills development, recreational activities and educational support that directly empower young people to fulfill their potential.
  • Bridge Gaps: We can build on the Durham Youth Network, which works to bridge the gaps between all services that young people access. YouthPrint leverages the strengths and needs of young people and the local community to shape an inclusive and impactful model.
  • Community-Led Approach: The YouthPrint model is designed based on extensive consultation with community groups and stakeholders, including surveys, meetings and conferences. It’s built around the identified needs of the service users and the community itself, ensuring that it’s truly community-led.
  • Empower Partners: YouthPrint thrives on collaboration with other local organisations and groups, including anchor organisations that play a central role in each YouthPrint area.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to National Lottery players, whose continued contributions have made this funding possible.