In the spirit of community, Northern Garden Sheds is set to take the centre stage as the Headline Sponsor for NE Youth’s highly anticipated Burns Night Ball on Friday 26th January at the Grand Hotel Gosforth Park. This marks an exciting chapter in the partnership between Northern Garden Sheds and NE Youth, grounded in a shared commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of young people across the North East.

Northern Garden Sheds has been a supporter of NE Youth for many years, demonstrating a dedication to our mission. Their support has taken various forms, ranging from the donation of their exceptional sheds and summerhouses to fundraising auctions throughout the year to taking a table at the annual Burns Night Ball for many years. The company’s ongoing commitment has played a crucial role in supporting NE Youth’s efforts to empower young people in local communities.

Situated just up the road from NE Youth’s head office in Blaydon, Northern Garden Sheds embodies the spirit of local businesses making a huge local impact. The company’s commitment to giving back reflects not only a sense of corporate responsibility but also a genuine desire to contribute to the betterment of the local community.

This year, Northern Garden Sheds has elevated its support to new heights, signifying a strengthened commitment to NE Youth. The decision to become the Headline Sponsor for the Burns Night Ball showcases the company’s understanding of the importance of such events in raising awareness and funds for the various youth-focused programmes championed by NE Youth.

NE Youth, a charity dedicated to empowering young people and fostering positive change, relies on the support of generous sponsors like Northern Garden Sheds to continue making a difference in the community. The Burns Night Ball, a highlight in the our annual calendar, serves as a vital platform for fundraising. Northern Garden Sheds’ significant contribution as the Headline Sponsor ensures that NE Youth can continue our valuable work, making a lasting impact on the lives of young people.

As the Burns Night Ball approaches, the collaboration between Northern Garden Sheds and NE Youth stands as a shining example of how businesses and charities can come together to create positive change. Through their continued support, Northern Garden Sheds exemplifies the profound impact that local businesses can have on their communities.