School is out for Spring, which means NE Youth kickstarted our busy fortnight of activities for young people.

For the first time since the pandemic, NE Youth were delighted to have taken 30 young people on an overnight residential to Newlands Adventure Centre in Keswick. The young people took part in a variety of fun activities including Ghyll Scrambling.

We took young people from across our Membership as well as our own youth projects.

Residentials are an amazing opportunity for young people to gain independence, learn life skills and build resilience.

NE Youth’s Youth Work & Programmes Coordinator, Jess Wearmouth, was the lead worker on the residential and commented:

“The residential has been a great opportunity to be able to get young people away and doing something completely different. We got to bring young people together from all over the region, some from our own youth sessions as well as other youth organisations and as a result new friendships were formed. It’s been a trip of new experiences for some and for others they’ve been able to feed into their adventurous side. Our chosen activity, ghyll scrambling, really pushed every one of us to the edge of our comfort zones and seeing what the young people had achieved was amazing. As a team, we’re all really proud of the group and how they pushed on even though they were faced with jumping off high waterfalls, the freezing water and the tiredness, I think this will be an experience the young people will certainly not forget.”

This residential has been funded partly by the Hedley Foundation and also from the generous donations we have received from our fundraising events. NE Youth would like to thank our donors for gifting these young people such incredible memories.